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Elie Wiesel – Man of Action, Principles and Meaning

ELIE WIESEL                                                                                                                ELIE wiesel

If there is someone who embodies what it is to suffer and to leverage it , it is Elie Wiesel, z”l . Elie Wiesel , Nobel Peace Prize winner, who died last week was in the extermination camp at Auschwitz as a child and lost half of his family in the Holocaust . He also wrote the book Night about his experiences in Auschwitz . Nevertheless , he continued his life and built a life full of learning , social action, teaching and family. He has lectured on various topics  including standing up to real evil , Hasidic wisdom ( he described himself as an agnostic after the Holocaust ) history , the Holocaust and more.

After the Holocaust he could have  lived a quiet life , but he had promised that he would work against evil in the world. Nowadays it is not politically correct to talk about ‘evil’ but Wiesel believed that there was evil and that he must fight to eradicate it . Instead of living a life of feeling like a victim, he led a life of action, victory and meaning. Despite the suffering he went through , he managed to find the meaning of his life and served as a source of inspiration for me and for many others – Jews and non-Jews – around the world . May his memory be blessed.