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Being Spontaneously Spontaneous – 7th day Pesach

Being Spontaneously Spontaneous – 7th day Pesach

Very often we have a real need for things to be orderly. Though it’s true that some of us need it more than others, we can generally see the logic of it. It helps us find our clothes in the morning, arrive on time, and shop for the things we really need. Even our Pesach Seder has ‘Seder'(order).

That’s why it’s so fascinating to see and even celebrate those instances when spontaneity rules.  We find this occurring at the very beginning of the Song of the Sea – Shirat Hayam. As soon as Moshe sees that the nation has passed safely through the Red Sea, he spontaneously opens up in a song of praise and thanks to Hashem.  The nation follows along in suit in a simple, spontaneous outburst of joy and song. Rashi points out that it was not a planned event but rather a spur of the moment reaction to having experienced this great relief at having their lives saved by this miraculous event.

Moshe was epitomizing the concepts of living the moment, being present and experiencing what is happening to the fullest.2

In fact, we find a whole category of berachot that reflect these concepts as well. If you see a special place, receive very good or very bad news, or purchase something special there is a bracha to recite. These berachot reflect the emotion and spontaneous reaction of the individual.

This is not to say that spontaneity is the pinnacle of our existence. With spontaneity, comes responsibility. There is a delicate balance that needs to be found between planned behavior and spontaneity. If we are on our way to work, for example, and we spontaneously stop for everyone with car trouble on the side of the road, we can jeopardize our position at work. Finding that balance can be tricky and may require a lifetime’s worth of experience and even then not always get it ‘right’. For each person that balance will be different.

In the meanwhile we can learn to appreciate that ability for spontaneity and experience   that sense that Moshe felt when he burst into song.

Chag sameach.


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  1. Shemot 15:1
  2. Logotherapy, founded by Viktor Frankl, discusses the ability to experience the meaning of the moment as essential to one’s mental health.