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Change My Life?

Growth is Possible. Therapy Can Help.

Growth is Possible. Purposeful Therapy Can Help. If you are asking, “Can I Change My Life?”, get ready to say yes.

At Purposeful Therapy, you can learn to become the person you’ve always hoped to be. If you are asking yourself, “can I change my life?”, you can say YES.

We invite you to make a change in your life.  Know that you:

  • Deserve to take the time to make this change
  • Do not have to remain in adversity
  • Can take adversity and use adversity as a springboard for change, for growth, and for meaning

In therapy with Allan (Avraham), you will identify and build coping capabilities towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

Are you a candidate for Purposeful Therapy?

Are you “stuck” and need help to move forward? Has adversity got the better of you for now?

Is stress overwhelming you? Are you ready to say, “help me change my life?”

Does your family need help learning how to communicate?

Has pain from a chronic condition contracted your horizons? Do you need help dealing with a terminal illness?

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other challenges,  Allan may be able to help.

Take the first step towards feeling better!

To make an appointment with Allan, call now or just fill out the form and click Send.  Help is available. Click here to learn about online counseling appointments with Allan.

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