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finding purpose – individual stories – part 1

there are people who go through life saying 'if only things were different my life would be so much fuller.' in this blog i hope to bring people who've had to deal with different kinds of issues in life but it did not keep them down! to start, here is a story of Nick Vujicic. he was born without limbs yet learned throughout his life how to overcome that obstacle and create a life full of purpose. here is a sample video of what he has to … [Read more...]

Light in the Darkness – Parshat Noach

We like to see ourselves as practical people. We sometimes go askew but in general we do things that have a purpose. Moreover, if we are engaged in purposeless activity, unless it is recreational, we are frustrated and upset. In the building of the ark in this week's parsha, Parshat Noach, we understand clearly the need for three floors, a certain height and width for the ark and even for a door. Yet there is an additional commandment to place … [Read more...]

Sympathy-Empathy: Not just for professionals

The two words look and sound so similar. Sympathy-empathy. Yet there is a world of difference between them and between how we express them to the people around us. In this adorable 3-minute animated video, Dr. Brene Brown shows some of … [Read more...]

Can it be good to be stressed out?

Do you find that you are often stressed-out and nervous or tense about work or family? Let's consider what stress is, and how it can be a boon as well as a bane. How you define stress will influence how you think about stress. … [Read more...]

You Can Cope With Stress

Are you having difficulties with your relationship with your family or romantic partner? Are you facing difficulties at work? When stress or a difficult situation is impacting your ability to function, it is time to seek help. If you are feeling hopeless or that you are having setbacks in your life, therapy can help! There are two types of stress, positive and negative. While positive stress can be imbibed with meaning, negative stress can … [Read more...]

Stress Relief – Moving to a Better Place

Stress affects everyone.  With stress everywhere, you and many of your peers may be looking for stress relief. Some people are affected more and some less by stress – but everyone is affected! In fact, stress cam be a positive moving power in your life. Learn how to manage stress, and get relief from stress, without losing the benefits of stress. … [Read more...]