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Family Therapy

Happy family after improved communication with family therapy From Allan FriedmanThe pressures and stresses of everyday life can cause even the best of us to forget those closest to us, our family.

Allan (Avraham) Friedman offers family therapy to improve communication between family members and strengthen family relationships.

Six Tips to Strengthen Family Communication

  1. Treat your family members with respect, even when you are angry.
  2. Avoid crushing words. When your child is disruptive and upsetting, remember your long term goal of a good relationship, and stay calm.
  3. Separate the person and their actions. “I love you but I am angry at what you did.”
  4. Pursue an interest in your family members’ main interests, even your third grader’s legos.
  5. Listen carefully to what your family tells you.  If you didn’t hear, ask them to repeat their words until you are sure you understand.
  6. Make time for fun family activities – or make family activities fun. This can include a hike, a movie, or even a trip to the grocery store.

Communication Centered Family Therapy

In therapy with Allan, you will learn to improve communications between family members.

With improved communications, family members can prevent and resolve conflicts, and deepen and strengthen relationships. Your family life can improve. Communications between you and your spouse, between you and your childen can improve.  Allan is here to help.

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