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Can you help with anxiety?
Yes. I have worked with people who reported high levels of anxiety at the beginning of the sessions, and reported lower, healthy levels of stress up to 6 months after they finished their therapy.

I have been depressed for years. Can talking really make me feel better?
In therapy, we will seek to infuse your being with a sense of meaning. When you have meaning in life, you can start experiencing true change.
How do I contact you?
The easiest way to reach me is through the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where are your offices located?
Jerusalem and Ra’anana, Israel, as well as online.

Do you take insurance?
I can provide a receipt that you can present to your insurance provider. Please check with your provider to determine if you are eligible.

Do you have flexible appointments for patients?
Appointments are flexible to fit your schedule. Online appointments are available as well as traditional appointments.


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