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Stress Relief – Moving to a Better Place

This man needs counseling with Allan Friedman for stress reliefStress affects everyone.  With stress everywhere, you and many of your peers may be looking for stress relief.

Some people are affected more and some less by stress – but everyone is affected! In fact, stress cam be a positive moving power in your life. Learn how to manage stress, and get relief from stress, without losing the benefits of stress.

In our culture, we have developed a tendency to do what we can to lower stress. We use pills, meditations, alternative medicine, and other tools for stress relief.

Yet, is stress reduction necessary? Allan presents another perspective on effective stress relief: stress as a positive motivational power.

Why are we stressed? How we can use stress to our advantage?

Stress is a healthy, multifaceted part of our makeup that acts as a positive force towards living a meaningful life. Our will to meaning is constantly on the lookout for meaningful moments.

Stress can be a clear indication of meaning in our lives.

In therapy with Allan, or in his interactive logotherapy workshop, you will learn why we still have stress after we have succeeded in something. You will also learn how stress can be harnessed to add meaning and enrich our lives.

Find the way back to a healthy meaningful life

When our will to meaning gets thwarted or paralyzed, we feel stress and seek stress relief. Stress is a signal in our bodies that something is important to us, and a challenged to locate the source of stress and act upon it.

The intellectual frustration that we experience when the stress becomes too great can be transformed into a motivating force that inspires us to progress our lives. Get stress relief without losing the benefits of stress.

Do you need meaningful stress relief?

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